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Young African Leadership Initiative Legacy Localization

Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Legacy Localization seeks to unite the work of multiple YALI stakeholders to conceive a pan-sub-Saharan African entity named YALI Africa to develop the next generation of African leaders through the harmonization and strengthening of a comprehensive leadership training program in 49 countries in Africa.

Center for Applied Research and Innovation in Supply Chain-Africa (CARISCA)

The Center for Applied Research and Innovation in Supply Chain-Africa (CARISCA) is an innovative partnership between ASU and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) that works to strengthen local capacity for improved supply chains in Ghana and throughout Africa.

LibrES: for an El Salvador without gender-based violence

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a significant issue in El Salvador, affecting up to two-thirds of Salvadoran women and girls. The USAID-funded LibrES program, led by ASU in partnership with local organizations, universities and United Nations agencies, leverages individual and systemic approaches to contribute safer and more productive lives for women and vulnerable populations in El Salvador, thus decreasing the likelihood of irregular migration to the United States.

Strengthening Higher Education Access in Malawi Activity (SHEAMA)

In partnership with Malawi’s five public universities, ASU is implementing the USAID-funded Strengthening Higher Education Access in Malawi Activity (SHEAMA), which aims to equitably develop the country’s skilled workforce and create opportunity for youth.

Advancing Modern Power through Utility Partnerships (AmpUp)

Advancing Modern Power through Utility Partnerships (AmpUp) is a USAID-funded consortium that works to advance a low-carbon future and support the accessibility, expansion and improvement of global energy.

Center of Excellence for Energy (COE/E)

The USAID-funded Center of Excellence for Energy aims to support Egypt in meeting its energy transition goal of 42% renewable energy by 2035. Arizona State University works with three partner universities in Egypt to increase higher education capacity to produce a strong energy sector work force by assessing and developing curriculum and laboratory space, conducting binational research that is pertinent to Egypt’s energy challenges, and facilitating exchanges and trainings.

Holistic Water Solutions

ASU implemented Holistic Water Solutions project for USAID, which served 18 vulnerable and refugee host communities in Lebanon and Jordan, benefiting more than 36,000 people. The project provided leveraged technology, innovation and local business development to provide potable water at both the community and household levels.

Water Resources Decision Support System

In Pernambuco, Brazil, ASU researchers worked with local and regional partners to promote integrated water resource management models to address drought vulnerability and respond to climate change.

WEAmericas Accelerator

Implemented by ASU Thunderbird School of Global Management, the WEAmericas Accelerator was an intensive, interactive business training program that empowered women entrepreneurs and advanced women-owned businesses in Central America. 

Academy of Women Entrepreneurs

ASU’s Thunderbird School of Global Management is supporting the U.S. Department of State’s Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), a program that promotes women’s economic opportunities and ensures that they have the capabilities and resources necessary for equitable economic participation.