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ASU implemented Holistic Water Solutions project for USAID, which served 18 vulnerable and refugee host communities in Lebanon and Jordan, benefiting more than 36,000 people. The project provided leveraged technology, innovation and local business development to provide potable water at both the community and household levels.

 In partnership with public and private entities deeply rooted in local communities, Holistic Water Solutions installed water desalination and purification kiosks equipped with on-grid/off-grid capacity; implemented household air-to-water technology developed by ASU faculty experts, providing a market-based solution for producing potable water within homes; and provided flexible, lightweight water storage tanks for households, kiosks and individuals requiring mobility. 

The new technologies are locally sustained, providing entrepreneurship opportunities and training for women who manage community kiosks and water sales. Project outcomes are further sustained by reinvesting profits generated through community water sales into operations, maintenance, and scaling and encouraging water-saving practices and encourage behavior change among the target communities, and strengthening capacity of strong local implementing partners who have connections with local and national water authorities, nonprofit organizations, stakeholders, and similar initiatives.

Work area: Water

Region: Middle East

Country: Lebanon and Jordan

Award amount: $2 million

Date: 2016-2020

Implementing partner(s): GreenCo Water, Mercy Corps, René Moawad Foundation, Zero Mass Water

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