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Gender-based violence (GBV) is a significant issue in El Salvador, affecting up to two-thirds of Salvadoran women and girls. The USAID-funded LibrES program, led by ASU in partnership with local organizations, universities and United Nations agencies, leverages individual and systemic approaches to contribute safer and more productive lives for women and vulnerable populations in El Salvador, thus decreasing the likelihood of irregular migration to the United States.

 LibrES focuses on prevention, protection of victims and survivors, and prosecution and accountability. In prevention, LibrES enhances security in public spaces and transportation and strengthens safe spaces for GBV victims and survivors. The program also advances prevention through media campaigns, educational and cultural materials, and capacity-building initiatives to change public perceptions and promote prevention. LibrES enhances protection of victims of GBV by creating systems and services to aid recovery, engaging communities in advocacy for victims and establishing legal clinics, strengthening community support for survivors and supporting livelihoods for victims. LibrES drives prosecution and accountability for offenders by strengthening the Salvadoran legal structure through litigator training, law education and victim assistance networks. 

LibrES also strengthens the capacity of its six local partners in financial, project and grant management capacity so they will be able to implement other USAID and donor-funded projects in the future — and in turn, support capacity strengthening for other local organizations. At universities, LibrES is helping to install enduring capacity for GBV-focused research to support prevention and response efforts in collaboration with local organizations and contribute to a safer, more prosperous El Salvador.

Work area: Democracy, rights and governanceGenderLatin America and the Caribbean

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Country: El Salvador

Award amount: $35 million

Date: 2022-2027

Implementing partner(s): Asociación para Autodeterminación de Mujeres (ASMujeres); Asociación Movimiento Salvadoreño de Mujeres (MSM); La Fundación Empresarial para la Acción Social/Fundación para la Acción Social (FUNDEMAS); Universidad Francisco Gavidia (UFG); Fundación Nacional Para el Desarrollo (FUNDE); Asesoría para el Desarrollo (ASPRODE); and Urban Strategies.

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