Young African Leadership Initiative Legacy Localization

ASU is leading this $80 million USAID award which funds YALI Africa, the next phase of a signature U.S. investment in Africa’s youth.

Funded by the American people through USAID, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Legacy Localization seeks to unite the work of multiple YALI stakeholders. The project aims to establish a pan-sub-Saharan African entity named YALI Africa to develop the next generation of African leaders through the harmonization and strengthening of a comprehensive leadership training program in 49 countries in Africa.

YALI was conceived by the United States Government (USG) in 2010 to address the challenges faced by one of the biggest youth populations on earth. Later, in 2015, the continent-based YALI Regional Leadership Center (RLC) model launched with centers in Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, and South Africa. These centers cultivate and support a professional network of uniquely trained, highly qualified leaders across three pivotal tracks: Civic Leadership, Public Management, and Business and Entrepreneurship. They have graduated more than 26,000 leaders who are actively driving positive change within their communities.

In 2023, USAID enlisted Arizona State University to help launch YALI Africa. Along with its sub-awardees: CoELIB, FHI 360, the African Diaspora Network, and Geeks Without Frontiers, the project aims to build capacity and harmonize the efforts of the RLCs, enhance the curriculum and advance teaching methods, and build alumni opportunities, support, and connectivity. In addition, YALI Africa will focus on increasing diversity among participants, expanding access to more women, rural young people and underrepresented populations. YALI Africa will provide the highest caliber leadership development services, producing alumni equipped not only to recognize, but to seize and actualize, the abundant opportunities present in Africa.

Group of young people pose for the camera
Photo credit: YALI RLC West Africa [Accra]

Work area: Economic growthEducation and youth

Region: Africa

Country: RLCs in Kenya, Senegal, Ghana, South Africa; Alumni chapters in 49 countries in sub-Saharan Africa

Award amount: $80,000,000

Date: 9/22/2023

Implementing partner(s): ASU with sub-awardees: CoELIB, FHI 360, African Diaspora Network, Geeks Without Frontiers and N50

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