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In partnership with Malawi’s five public universities, ASU is implementing the USAID-funded Strengthening Higher Education Access in Malawi Activity (SHEAMA), which aims to equitably develop the country’s skilled workforce and create opportunity for youth.

SHEAMA increases equitable access to higher education, especially for adolescent girls and vulnerable populations; strengthens the capacity of higher education institutions to design, deliver and support educational programs including degrees, diplomas and short-term training at a distance; and fosters alignment with labor market needs and providing youth with entrepreneurship and business skills. 

SHEAMA embraces a model of “radical collaboration” that emphasizes local leadership and locally adapted models for digital instruction that expand access to higher education — even for students in remote locations with low bandwidth. As part of the project, ASU developed and deployed the SunSPOT (Solar Powered Offline Teaching) Powered by Beekee device, an offline WiFi device with a learning management system that provides free educational content without internet connectivity. 

SHEAMA also established a comprehensive support network for students that provides financial assistance and scholarships. ASU’s involvement as prime implementer demonstrates the university’s ability to develop equitable partnerships, foster collaboration among institutions and introduce innovative solutions for learning in resource-scarce environments.

Work area: Education and youth

Region: Africa

Country: Africa

Award amount: $10.8 million

Date: 2018-2023

Implementing partner(s): Oversees Strategic Consulting

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