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In Pernambuco, Brazil, ASU researchers worked with local and regional partners to promote integrated water resource management models to address drought vulnerability and respond to climate change.

The project utilized participatory strategies to bring stakeholders together to cooperatively produce decision support systems and science-based solutions, enhance social learning and build technical capacity to promote and encourage participation in climate-sensitive water management practices. 

The Decision Support System project was grounded in transdisciplinary sustainability science approaches drawing upon the fields of hydrology, data visualization and social and decision sciences. Cooperative development with local stakeholders in Pernambuco, Brazil helped to ensure that solutions are credible, relevant to policy needs, and representative of diverse stakeholder perspectives. 

Work area: Latin America and the CaribbeanWater

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Award amount: $1.2 million

Date: 2015

Implementing partner(s): RTI, Columbia University

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