International Development

Named No. 1 in the U.S. for Innovation for five years (U.S. News & World Report), Arizona State University has established itself as an academic enterprise committed to engaging globally and taking on the most significant challenges of our time. ASU International Development is the university’s platform for providing game-changing solutions for development, both as a prime implementer and as a partner, and provides international development agencies and implementing firms with access to the university’s wealth of knowledge and expertise for global projects.

ASU’s unique approach to international development combines the strengths of universities and the private sector, allowing us to draw upon a breadth and depth of academic expertise to advance innovative, research-based solutions while incorporating the best practices and standards of top international development implementers.

ASU offers uncommon resources and agility to those seeking a partner in international development:

  • Broad expertise for interdisciplinary solutions: over 3,000 university faculty can be rapidly assembled into project teams
  • Rapid prototyping model for development innovations: ASU partners with development agencies and the private sector to develop, test, refine and scale new approaches to emerging development challenges
  • Agile project management and execution: ASU is one of the only ISO-9001 compliant research enterprises in the United States, offering unparalleled agility and high standards in project management and execution


about International Development


Universities must create a new model of international engagement and act as full partners in international development. Research universities have the unique breadth, depth and expertise to collaboratively address the world’s development challenges in partnership with local universities, governments, the private sector and non-governmental entities. By working together to solve problems, we can create a safe, prosperous, equitable future for citizens around the world. 

- Michael M. Crow, ASU President

Global Operations

To streamline the administration of international development, research and sponsored projects, ASU maintains a Global Operations office that acts as a resource to faculty and staff. Global Operations leverages internal and external expertise to deliver project solutions. For ASU personnel, click here to learn how Global Operations can assist in the planning, execution and administration of your project abroad. 


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