Middle East

Center of Excellence for Energy (COE/E)

The USAID-funded Center of Excellence for Energy aims to support Egypt in meeting its energy transition goal of 42% renewable energy by 2035. Arizona State University works with three partner universities in Egypt to increase higher education capacity to produce a strong energy sector work force by assessing and developing curriculum and laboratory space, conducting binational research that is pertinent to Egypt’s energy challenges, and facilitating exchanges and trainings.

Holistic Water Solutions

ASU implemented Holistic Water Solutions project for USAID, which served 18 vulnerable and refugee host communities in Lebanon and Jordan, benefiting more than 36,000 people. The project provided leveraged technology, innovation and local business development to provide potable water at both the community and household levels.

Higher Education Partnership – Morocco (HEP-M)

The Higher Education Partnership-Morocco (HEP-M) is an impactful collaboration to support Morocco’s 12 public universities and teacher training centers in enhancing primary teacher education. The ASU-primed project aims to develop a comprehensive curriculum for an undergraduate degree in primary teaching, accompanied by a two-year experiential training program