International visitors and sponsors guide

Arizona State University hosts a number of short-term and long-term Arizona State University hosts a number of short-term and long-term international visitors on its campuses each year. Depending on the nature of the visit, both visitors and sponsors should carefully consider a variety of factors related to studying and working at ASU. This guide overviews a number of those factors and provides relevant resources and contacts here at ASU. 


Due to the complex nature of immigration, Global Operations recommends that all international visitors and sponsors contact the International Students and Scholars Center (ISSC). This office supports more than 10,000 international students and 700 international scholars on ASU’s five campuses. 

International student questions

Erik Schmitz
Student Services Bldg.
Room 170

International scholar questions

Chung-Ning Gonzalez
Discovery Hall
Room 172

Costs to consider

For all international students and scholars, the ISSC is your best resource. The ISSC can provide information, resources, and contacts for all costs related to hosting an international visitor. Typical costs may include:

Taxes and payments

Paying an international student or scholar begins with completing and submitting the correct tax information. To review the most current information, visit ASU’s Tax Information website. 

For departments funding an international student or scholar, a Statement of Expense is due at the end of the calendar year to Tax Services. Contact Tax Services for clarification on when this applies. 

  • Paying internationals – Is the student or scholar receiving a stipend, a payment as a participant, or a payment as a guest of the university? See the Tax Information website for more information on paying internationals. 
  • Tax considerations – See the Foreign Visitor Tax Guide for information on how taxes are calculated for internationals. Also, visit the IRS website for Foreign Students, Scholars, Teachers, Researchers and Exchange Students. 
  • Tax treaties – Residents of certain foreign countries may be entitled to reduced tax rates, or exemption from tax, under an applicable treaty between their country and the United States. See the current list on the IRS website. Contact Tax Services for the appropriate forms to complete. 

Other Considerations

Monitoring of Visitors

If admitted through ASU, the International Students and Scholars Center will monitor the full-time status for students and non-degree seeking students. If the visitor is not a student, it is the responsibility of the sponsor to ensure visa requirements are not violated.

Return Requirements

International visitors may have different return requirements depending on their visa. Contact the International Students and Scholars Center for more information.