Working with ASU

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Working with ASU

Arizona State University maintains an uncommon level of commitment to effectively leveraging its resources as the nation’s largest university to meet the needs of industry partners and clients. In the international development field, we partner with industry-leading implementing firms, funding agencies, and governments and universities around the world.

ASU International Development is a specialized, experienced team that streamlines our partners’ interactions with the university and serves as the international development community’s point of contact to access the university’s wealth of resources. We offer a variety of resources to ensure flexible, smooth and successful opportunity pursuit and bidding.

  • Contract vehicles and IDIQs: WADI and Making Cities Work plus other vehicles across the USG
  • Expertise in USG budgeting and compliance: extensive back office infrastructure that processes over $425 million in grants and contracts and NICRA
  • A large partner network: donors, International development partners, private sector partners and small businesses
  • ISO-9001 compliant project management