Manage Emergencies

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Manage Emergencies

Establishing an Emergency Plan

Even if you are an experienced international traveler or you are traveling to a low-risk country, you should establish an emergency plan prior to travel. Research your destination, identify the biggest risks during travel, develop plans for responding to those risks and compile key travel information. Once you have an emergency plan, share copies of this document with your supervisor and emergency contact.

Responding to an Incident

If you are involved in an incident overseas, follow your emergency plan and contact the appropriate support services:

  • If you need the local police, ambulance, or fire department, call the equivalent of 911 for the country you are in.
  • If you require emergency travel assistance, call 1-240-330-1315 or email to access the State of Arizona's emergency travel assistance program.
  • If you are involved in a crisis situation or you have a lost/stolen passport, contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate or call 1-202-501-4444.
  • If you need local support, contact your fixer, driver, translator or other local contact, and request their assistance as necessary.
  • To notify ASU of your situation, call the ASU Police Department at 1-480-965-3456 as well as your supervisor, and request their assistance as necessary.

Keep a written log, detailing the dates, times, places and descriptions of what happened. For additional information on support services available to you, see Risk Management's page on foreign travel and the Department of State's page on emergencies abroad.

Reporting an Incident

After you have dealt with the incident, follow the standard ASU process for incident reporting. If appropriate, we also encourage you to share your experience with Global Operations. This not only allows us to identify and address any gaps in support services for foreign travel, but also allows us to leverage your lessons learned to create and distribute new resources to the ASU community.