Foreign Partnerships

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International Partnerships

Establishing Partnerships

If you want to establish a partnership between ASU and an international entity, you must work through the ASU department responsible for the type of relationship you are pursuing. ASU has processes and procedures in place to ensure your partnership is not only compliant but also strategic and well thought out.

Did you know that ASU has over 100 international partnerships with universities around the globe?  When appropriate, consider leveraging existing international partnerships instead of establishing new ones. 



Type of Relationship

Responsible Department

Processes and Procedures

Academic Partner

Global Academic Initiatives

Study Abroad Partner

Study Abroad Office

Research Sponsor

Department Research Advancement Representative


ORSPA Proposals & Negotiations Team

Independent Contractor, Consultant, or Vendor



Contact Global Operations for coordination with the responsible department(s).


Negotiating Contracts

You should plan for contract negotiations with international partners to take several weeks or even months. You are likely to encounter one or more of the following challenges while trying to come to an agreement on terms and conditions:

  • Problematic foreign laws and/or hierarchies
  • Export control laws
  • Intellectual property (IP)
  • Concerns about currency conversion/fluctuation
  • Cultural differences
  • Communication barriers (language and time zone)

Signing Contracts

Do not sign a contract on behalf of ASU unless you are authorized to do so through ASU's Contract Authority Policy (PUR 107). Only ASU's president and a limited number of delegates have signature authority. If you are not one of these individuals and you sign a contract, you may be held personally liable and the contract may be considered invalid. For additional information, see the Office of General Counsel's page on contract signature authority