About Global Operations

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About Global Operations

What We Do

Global Operations makes it easier for ASU faculty and staff to conduct international business. We identify foreign legal, tax, employment, financial, procurement, and health and safety issues and deliver solutions to address them. Global Operations should be your first point of contact for any global project issue. We have the knowledge and connections to save you time, money and frustration—freeing you up to focus on research, discovery and development.

Global Operations also strategically advances ASU's capabilities to conduct international business. We identify gaps in ASU's infrastructure and develop resources and services to fill them. Establishing a robust infrastructure means our execution abilities match your innovation. 

Top Ten Risks and Burdens of Conducting International Business

  1. Creating a foreign legal entity
  2. Establishing a foreign office
  3. Paying taxes
  4. Hiring foreign-based workers
  5. Making foreign purchases
  6. Traveling to high risk destinations
  7. Getting cash overseas
  8. Managing currency fluctuations
  9. Bringing foreign participants / visitors to the U.S.
  10. Maintaining regulatory compliance

Our Partners

Global Operations leverages internal and external expertise to deliver global project solutions.